Find Physician Jobs in MichiganThe Great Lakes State

Why do physicians choose to call Michigan home for their medical career?

If you're a healthcare professional who loves the outdoors, a state with a growing economy, affordable cost of living, and a creative environment, then the Great Lakes State of Michigan is for you. From the big city of Detroit to one of the nation's safest cities, Sleepy Heights, Michigan is an option for physicians looking to completely focus on their medical career or start a family.

Michigan offers a freshwater shoreline over 3,000 miles long creating an environment for doctors who love the water. Additionally, more than half of this state is covered with forests making it an ideal place for nature enthusiasts as well. Depending on which side of the Peninsula you live, the summers are hot and the winters are cold.

The welcoming culture of Michigan creates an energetic environment. Time spent outside of work can be spent with physicians enjoying the casinos, art galleries, musical shows, film screening, or exploring the local vineyards and microbreweries.

If you are a doctor looking to live, build a business, and raise a family comfortably, Michigan is for you. The state is filled with healthcare systems, private practices, clinics, and other medical facilities perfect for any future physician. Be sure to check here daily for all of the updated healthcare opportunities in Michigan.

Currently in Michigan: 612 Physician Jobs in 111 specialties

Physician - Interventional

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Interventional | Permanent

Physician - Orthopedic Surgery

Marlette, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Orthopedic Surgery | Permanent

Physician - Neurology

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Neurology | Permanent

Physician - Neurological Surgery

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Neurological Surgery | Permanent

Physician - Trauma

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Trauma | Permanent

Physician - Interventional Neurology

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Interventional Neurology | Permanent

Physician - Hematology/Oncology

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Hematology/Oncology | Permanent

Physician - Family Medicine

Alma, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Family Medicine | Permanent

Physician - Non-invasive Cardiology

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Non-invasive Cardiology | Permanent

Physician - Pulmonary Disease

Saginaw, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Pulmonary Disease | Permanent

Physician - Family Medicine

Roseville, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Family Medicine | Permanent

Physician - Occupational Medicine

Traverse City, MI 4968410/05/2021

Physician | Occupational Medicine | Permanent

Physician - MOHS/Procedural Dermatology

Traverse City, MI 4968410/05/2021

Physician | MOHS/Procedural Dermatology | Permanent

Physician - Dermatology

Okemos, MI 10/05/2021

Physician | Dermatology | Permanent

Physician - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Charlevoix, MI 4972010/05/2021

Physician | Obstetrics & Gynecology | Permanent