Nurse Practitioner - Behavioral Health

Tacoma, WA

Specialty Behavioral Health
Profession Nurse Practitioner

Seeking an experienced PMHNP for Tacoma position.  Applicants should be licensed by the state to provide routine diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency care for patients; may maintain a patient case load and have specialized training in a clinical area. Clinical problems treated by the ARNP shall include, but not be limited to health maintenance, common acute illnesses, management of stable chronic disease, minor surgical procedures, office procedures and orthopedics consistent with the community standard for primary care providers.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who specialize in psychiatry and perform similar duties as a psychiatric physician. Psychiatric nurse practitioners speak to patients about their feelings and then diagnose the patients mental health based on their conversation. Unlike less qualified registered nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioners are licensed and able to diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe medications. The duties of a psychiatric nurse practitioner include treating patients with anxiety disorders, feelings of depression, multiple personality disorder and suicidal thoughts to name a few. These highly educated nurses hold advanced degrees in nursing and are more affordable to employ than psychiatrists. Psychiatric nurse practitioners can also offer their patients one-on-one counseling services much like a therapist. They also teach the patients family members about the patients mental illness, including what to expect, how to react and how to cope with their feelings.





  1. Assist the Psychiatrists and nurses in the evaluation and management of patient care.
  2. Provide patients and their families with education, comfort, and relative information in accordance with their care as needed.
  3. Follow clients for individual Medication Management and/or facilitate a Medication Group.
  4. Notify Psychiatric Medical Director of any detrimental changes in patient status.
  5. ARNP will write progress notes and orders on the chart according to standard medical practice guidelines.
  6. Identifies and implements methods of controlling costs or generating revenue while providing maximum value to both the patient and clinic.
  7. Work collaboratively with the hospital Mental Health Unit staff to streamline patient care through the system.
  8. Review incoming phone messages and laboratory values and act in a manner appropriate to policy and standard of care for each case.
  9. In case of a patient with a medical/psychiatric emergency, to administer all appropriate care and insure adequate transfer of care to emergency facility and/or the Inpatient Mental Health Unit.
  10. Discharge patients from services with appropriate instructions and follow up care.
  11. Obtains complete medical history and physical data on patients.
  12. Interprets and integrates data to determine appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as needed.
  13. Performs complete physical exams and records findings.  Collaborates with physicians in managing acute and long-term medical needs of patients.
  14. Manage stable chronic disease in the scope of ARNP expertise, and refer patients with illness beyond the scope of expertise to the appropriate specialty or sub-specialty.
  15. Orders appropriate laboratory and diagnostic procedures.
  16. Administers medications and injections within scope of ARNP expertise.
  17. Interviews and advises patients and family regarding treatment, health and illness prevention.  Recommends community resources to meet patient and family needs.
  18. Maintains and reviews patients records, charts, and other pertinent information.  Posts test and examination results.
  19. Attends required meetings and participates in committees as requested.
  20. Participates in professional development activities and maintains professional affiliations.
  21. Uses Universal Precautions including personal protective equipment for anticipated contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.
  22. Special projects and other job related duties as assigned by the Psychiatric or Medical Director.



Age Specific Criteria

Demonstrates competency in adjusting the delivery of care and/or clinical technique appropriate to address the age specific needs of the patient.




It is essential that the incumbent supports and integrates the values of the organization and interacts effectively with physicians, patients, visitors and staff.  The incumbent is expected to demonstrate a commitment to service, hospital values and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times.


REVERENCE: Awe, respect and lovethe essence of our ministry

  1. Treat all members of the hospital community with respect as unique, valued individuals and provide the highest level of service to everyone regardless of who they are.
  2. Listen, show empathy and understand other people's feelings, perceptions, and points of view.
  3. Create an environment where people feel supported and can safely express needs and issues so we can respond to them.
  4. Consider the impact of decisions, processes, actions, and outcomes on the patients, families, employees, and physical environment.


INTEGRITY: Trust, honesty, wholeness, commitment

  1. Communicate effectively by giving clear and truthful messages, by fully sharing information people need to do their job, and by expressing my ideas, opinions, and reactions constructively.
  2. Look for solutions rather than complaining when I encounter problems.            
  3. Care for all the resources entrusted to me with as much care as I show my own.  Resources include people, traditions, time, money, equipment, and facilities.
  4. Be ethical in my behaviors, including avoiding any conflict of interest of appearance or conflict of interest.


COMPASSION: Caring deeply for all people, especially for the poor

  1. Contribute positively to the healing environment and mission of Franciscan Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives.
  2. Be responsive to people and issues promptly and appropriately.
  3. Go directly, as soon as possible, to individuals to resolve problems, issues and conflicts and then let it go.
  4. Behave in a professional, collaborative, supportive manner regardless of my personal feelings.
  5. Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of patients, visitors, co-workers and the organization.


EXCELLENCE: Innovation, quality, collaboration and stewardship.

  1. Encourage and support innovative ideas and ways of doing things that promote resource management and generation of new resources.
  2. Seek feedback and give others constructive feedback.
  3. Demonstrate that helping is our business through good service behavior, especially a genuine willingness to assist.
  4. Maintain a high level of competence, continue to grow in skill, and encourage others to do so also.
  5. Support quality performance by others through frequent encouragement and recognition of contribution and efforts.




Education/ Work Experience/Certification Requirements:


  • High School Diploma or GED required.
  • Master's degree in Nursing.
  • Successful completion of an approved Nurse Practitioner program
  • One year of previous Nurse Practitioner experience required work in Behavioral Health/Psychiatry.


Job Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of the practices, standards, protocols, techniques and tools/equipment of professional medical practices in order to administer and evaluate patient care.
  • Ability to understand and effectively apply and follow established departmental standards, protocols and to maintain quality control standards and quality assurance; including safety, risk management and Universal Precautions standards and guidelines.
  • Knowledge of the intent, content and application of local, state and federal employee health standards.
  • Skill in applying and modifying the principles, methods and techniques of medicine to provide on-going patient care.
  • Ability to convey information effectively in verbal and written communication in order to prepare and maintain records, write reports and correspondence.  Including taking medical history, assessing medical conditions an interpreting findings.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients, staff and the public.
  • Ability to demonstrate effective time management, office and departmental organization, exercising good judgment, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and to use discretion with confidential data that may impact staff and operation of the clinic.
  • Ability to use office equipment and automated systems/applications/software at an acceptable level of proficiency including basic computer entry functions and keyboarding skills required.



Current Washington State RN/ARNP license with prescriptive authority.

CPR certification and PMHNP certification


Physical Requirements:

Work is classified as medium in physical requirements.  Requires the ability to lift/carry 50 pounds maximum, up to 25 pounds frequently.  Requires standing and walking for prolonged periods of time. Other activities include, but are not restricted to, fingering, grasping, bending, climbing, and reaching. Hearing and vision compensated to a functional level that is required to meet the essential functions of the job.


Mental Requirements:

Must be able to work independently, communicate effectively with staff, physicians, patients and visitors and possess effective verbal and written communication skills.

Work requires high attention and mental demands, including the ability to prioritize and process information with accuracy and clarity.